Participants of outdoor plein- airers


  • Participants of outdoor plein- airers

Celina Motyka

I have windows overlooking the mountains. Painting has always accompanied me. From the artistic wheel to the present day. Painting and drawing are also part of my work.

Elżbieta Ostrowicka

My place on earth, where I live, is Rybnik. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.

Jadwiga Pietrek

My place on earth is a space in my heart, inmy friendship and in my imagination. Myplace connects those who have passed with those who will come. My place is a part of me and I am accustoming the place where I go.

Izabela Żurek

I do not work in the artistic profession, however for years painting has been my passion, in which I am fulfilled.

Wiesława Sobczak- Skaba

I work as an adult graphic designer, stage designer and costume designer. I am fascinated by a workshop graphics and a costumes design for the dance.

Henryka Langrzyk

I have been interested in painting since my early childhood, which is why I have been painting from the earliest years.

Henryk Jeszka

I have been interested in painting since my earliest childhood, but only on the retirement I have a full freedom of elaborating my passion.

Anna Zając

Every painting work created by me is a specific achievement for me. This is my great passion, which I also pursue in the graphic group.

Anna Lepiarczyk

Painting is my passion. I create with oil technology and watercolor, feather and pastel.

Krystyna Misala

For me, painting is a real detachment from the grey reality. I create with passion, mainly oil technique and watercolor.

Sabina Zeug

Shooting gives me immense joy and a source of artistic satisfaction. Searching for interesting shots, portraying feelings and stopping the fleeting moments became a way to express what I could not describe in words. Photography has shaped my view of the world and people in a certain way.

Ewelina Szczepańska

I used to wonder how to show others what I see, what delights me, what makes me happy and what moves me, that's why I loved painting. I am fascinated by the colour spot with the whole spectrum of meanings. I draw my inspiration from the broadly understood observation.

Aleksander Fros

Among many interests photography took the first place. Now I am in a photo club among people close to me, with whom we realize various ideas, at the same time deepening their skills related to photography.

Czesława Brańska

I started being pleased with a photograph relatively late, but enthusiastically I approach the subject. Thanks to it I appreciate and show the beauty of our surroundings.

Beata Lubszczyk

My artistic CV is just beginning to write. For many years, I was interested in photography and music, but in the role of the observer. Finally, I became a happy SLR owner and was able to pursue my passion.

Aneta Gajos

I create pictures mainly in watercolor. The unpredictability and transience of this technique enchanted me the most. In it, I found the most perfect way to express my artistic soul. A direct contact with the nature is always an inspiration of my works.

Krystyna Skupień

I devote most of my time to painting, mainly easel painting, creating oil paintings - still lifes, landscapes, portraits. I also try to work with other techniques such as pencil, coal, ink, pastels and watercolours. I belong to several painting groups.

Miłosz Nosiadek

In any case, you can find some form of beauty that delights and inspires. That's why I feel good in every place. I became interested in the visual arts on the occasion of entrance exams for architecture, and God luckily directed my fate towards watercolors.

Agnieszka Rek

Painting is my hobby, it is the need of the moment for me. I appreciate the ability to determine myself through painting and architecture.

Kamil Myszkowski

I am a photographer, creator of installations and videos, collector of photographs and old negatives, curator of photographic and historical exhibitions, animator of cultural life.

Krzysztof Szlapa

I am an artist photographer, author of individual exhibitions and a participant of group exhibitions, organizer of photography workshops for children, youth and adults.

Beata Tomas

I am an artist out of passion, love and education. In painting, I am mainly interested in color and light, the essence of paintings is a positive aesthetic effect and sensual perception. The content is not important and refers to abstract representations. The landscape is often the inspiration.

Mariusz Panek

In this interesting field of art, which is photography, I am most intrigued by the possibility of "freezing the moment". I am passionate about people, and human-oriented photography is the one that most stimulates my senses and imagination.

Miroslav Brziák

I like classic photos, black and white. This is because they show shapes, not colours. Black-and-white photographs are stronger than colour photographs. Classical photography requires mastery of craftsmanship and art. The old rule is that the photographer's biggest enemy is dust and the best dustbin. Recently I have been interested in digital photography. Digitisation is a reflection of the accelerated modernity. But taking pictures makes me stop, think and look around.

Pavel Brádka

I have been photographing since I was 16. That was the first time I felt the smell of developers and fixers and that is what I still have today. I still use classic black-and-white photography. This is more true for me. I take pictures of everything that interests me. I photograph still life, architecture, portraits, but also abstraction. Photography is not my job, I do not live off it, but it frees me from my daily worries.

Radim Golka

Together with a group of friends from a photo I try to portray a variety of topics. My favorites are the portraits and reportage, because I like to observe people and talk to them.

Pavla Herzánová

I like to photograph the world around me, trying to capture the beautiful moments of people's lives in my pictures.

Pavel Rašík

I like to photograph the world around me. I am mainly involved in reportage photography.

Terezie Dörrerová

I live and enjoy a wonderful life with all its possibilities. I have been interested in art since my childhood. Today, as a teacher, I pass on my experience and enthusiasm for art to the young generation.

Pavel Sikora 

I started photographing when industrial monuments in my hometown started to disappear, and their capture in the photo was the only and easiest way to preserve these gems industry, at least in the pictures.

Marie Pustelniková

Wiliam Jaroš

When painting, I focus on abstract creation, creating acrylic colors and using various techniques. . .

Viera Tuhovčáková

I photograph everything that interests me.

Marián Tuhovčák

I like to photograph everything, what I care about. I like to go into nature, into the woods, I like to wander.

Marian Hruška

My place on earth is where I feel comfortable. Regarding photography, beautiful place can be any that will please others at my pictures.

Jakub Urbánek

I like to photograph things around me, animals, machines, engines, buildings, etc. My place on earth is where I live, because there is everything I need.

Ľuboslava Matejíková

I photograph nature, interesting places that I visit while travelling. My little paradise is where I spent my childhood.

Pavlína Straková

The High Tatras, both Slovak and Polish, are by far the most beautiful of the natural resources. They offer beautiful landscapes in which every photographer has enough inspiration to create new interesting shots.

Michaela Gulčíková

I take pictures because it amuses me, because I can capture moments that are sometimes easy to miss and that can't be seen in time.

Jana Ohradková

Skalička mounds - this is where I spend my free time. It is a place of relaxation and a place with great conditions to my hobby - photography.

Beáta Straková

I started to take pictures when I bought my first camera. I didn't even understand it, but I liked the fact that it was so big, black and had a special place to grab, it looked so professional. I like photography, but I'm just an amateur. I like to photograph people the most and the most beautiful photos for me are not those that are set, but those that have caught a moment.

Iveta Olejková

My place is in the bosom of nature, where flowers and trees bloom. My penchant for drawing lasts a long time, ever since I started working with children - I love to make them happy through my drawings.

Jana Belková

I have been painting since ancient times because it allows me to express my feelings and desires. For me, painting is a source of positive energy and a means to create spiritual value, which has a clear sense for me.

Ingrid Šišková

I paint mainly in my free time and also while working with children in school where I work as a teacher. When I create, I allow myself to be carried away by fantasy and silence. This helps me to relax my mind and forget about problems.

Gabriela Muchová

I am very lucky because I combine my creative passion with my work. In my free time I paint with pastels, it is a form of relaxation for me, it calms me down and heals me.

Michaela Kubaščíková

I can create what I want on canvas. And it does not have to make sense or have rules. By painting I also express my emotions and dreams.