Outdoor plastic graphic called Industrial is beautiful



  • Outdoor plastic graphic called Industrial is beautiful

Industrial style in architecture characterizes simplicity and economy in shape as well as used materials.    

Buildings raised in this kind of style are mainly functional.

Affluence, diversity of building facilities filled with artistic beauty

reflects indication of traditional region’s culture bygone period both Poland, and Czech Republic as well as Slovakia.


Outdoor plastic – graphic called „Industrial is beautiful”


Assignment carried out with financial help by

International Visegrad Fund





Industrial Center of Culture in Rybnik-Niewiadom

ul. I. Mościckiego 3, 44-273 Rybnik

Telephone: +48 32 42 13 755 / +48 32 43 31 365

Website: www.ick.rybnik.pl,

E-mail: dziennikarski@op.pl



Dům kultury města Orlové

Fotoskupina K4 z.s

Dom kultúry v Čadci



  • development of cross-border cooperation
  • integration of creative environment both project partners, to exchange artistic experience
  • documenting industrial monuments oftentimes worldwide unique
  • to create after plein-air collection of industrial artistic arts


The Plein-air is directed for adults only who amateurishly or professionally make visual arts or photography individually or in united artistic groups.

Numer of participants is limited, therefore it will be first come first served (15 people from each country; that is 15 from Poland, 15 from Czech Rep., 15 from Slovakia)


Participants taking part in the Plein-air must confirm arrival up to May 25th 2018

The event will be held from 8-10 June 2018 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at: Historic Mine ‘Ignacy’ in Rybnik-Niewiadom, working settlements by KWK ‘Rymer’ in Rybnik-Niedobczyce, Nikiszowiec housing estate in Katowice, Coal Mining Museum ‘Landek Park’ in Ostrava-Petřkovice

Created during the Plein-air works (completed and prepared for the exhibition in house workshop) must be delivered to the seat of the institution member represents no later than June 29th 2018. Photos in electronic form should be sent till June 25th 2018 to email address dziennikarski@onet.pl

Vernissage after Plein-air exhibition will take place on 14th July 2018 in Industrial Center of Culture in Rybnik-Niewiadom. The exhibition will be open to visitors up to July 29th 2018 from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m – 7 p.m. Then the exhibition will be presented in the gallery ‘Dom Kultúry v Čadci from August 6th 2018 up to August 26th 2018 as well as in Dům Kultury města Orlové from September 3rd 2018 to September 23rd  2018.


  •  participation in 3-days Plein-air and during the vernissage after Open-air exhibition
  • creation 2-3 art works (one copy is going to be kept by the Organizer)
  • presenting own artistic curriculum vitae for publication purposes (within the project the Organizer is going to publish an album presenting photographs, paintings made during the Open-air)
  • delivering an application card to the Industrial Center of Culture in Rybnik-Niewiadom within the deadline May 25th 2018


 The Organizer provides:

  • some materials within quota limits 50,00 zlotych (for photographers in can be the cost of developing photos)
  • accommodation for groups from Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • catering for all participants
  • transport for open-air places
  • insurance throughout whole event

Plein-air participants are obliged to follow rules of friendly working cooperation.

The Organizer reserves the right to publish  and to reproduce the arts with no need to pay the royalty.

The participation in the Plein-air is tantamount to acceptance by the participant this Regulation. Moreover the participants express their consent to processing their personal data by the Organizer for organizational and promotional objectives.

Furthermore the Organizer reserves the right to publish list of persons participating in the Open-air and photographs made during the event in media

The Organizer reserves the right to make any changes to this Regulation.