Visegrad Fund


Outdoor plastic – graphic called „Industrial is beautiful”

The subject of the project is to carry out documentation of industrial monuments through painting and photography,creating a collection of artistic and photographic works that will be presented in the form of exhibitions in frontier cultural institutions.As part of the project, a visual and photographic plein-air was planned for adults, amateur or professionally involved in art and photography.The subject of works are industrial monuments: mines and other workplaces as well as workers' colonies. The industrial style in architecture is characterized by simplicity and economy in the form and in the materials used, which means that it is associated with lack of originalityand ugliness.The buildings erected in this style were supposed to have primarily functionality, which is why in art what is industrial is still not appreciated enough and used. The project's implementation is to show that the richness and diversity of these historic buildings, often located in sensitive places, are buildings not devoid of beauty sought by artists, which reflect the traditional culture of the region of the bygone era characteristic for both Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The implementation of the project is also an attempt to preserve in art objects that are often unique on a global scale.